Hey this is a story part of the "intro" series. Today, I will speak about my IT background and hobbies.

The Beginning

I started to code when I was 14. I started to learn C and found myself an interest in robotics and computer vision. Today I have a Master's degree in Computer Science, and I am working in differents topics, still focused on AI fields and algorithms.

During my studies, I was a chairman of a Robotic Society at my school.
I did learn a lot but, due to limited resources, and after meeting the right people, I started to learn less robotics to focus more in other technologies, such as Web Development with Python and Node.JS, QA Testing and *services with Java & JavaEE or DevOPS with Docker.

My daily life

Currently I'm working mainly in JavaScript. I am using Meteor.JS or Node.JS and React.Js when building web applications. I also use docker on a daily basis. I recently started using Docker Swarm (this blog is deployed in a swarm, for instance.).

My main source of revenue is through IT. I'm currently a freelance developer but I'm investing most of this time to build a company with a co-founder. I'll speak about my jobs in another story later on.

About my hobbies

I'm still really curious about robotics, IoT and IA topics. I periodically invest some money on KickStarter when I see nice IoT or IA projects such as the Onion and the AZ courses.
I have the tendency to start a big hobby project to learn about a particular topic/technology/stack or design pattern, but at the soon as I'm pleased with my experimentations and learning, I throw that project away. That's why I do not have a portfolio to show. But one of my goals is to build my portfolio and publish one soon.

I've planned to do much more writing when starting a project and use this blog to expose my experiments and side projects.


To sum up: I'm a Freelance DevOPS who's currently working mainly in Javascript with a Docker, Mongo, Node|Meteor and React stack but I'm also passionate about IoT and AI (mostly computer vision) topics.

Thank you for reading! This blog is an experiment for me. I would be happy if you could leave me your feedback at blog@armanddu.com or tweet me @ArmandDu_ so I can improve my writing skills.